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What we do?

We design and drive sustainability and compliance projects to embed triple bottom line strategies in the precious materials supply chain.

We offer advisory services and create business impact solutions.

We identify, nurture and bring to scale innovative and sustainable business solutions which:

  • offer brands, retailers, banks and investors sustainable sourcing options, meeting consumer's and investor's growing demand for profitable products that deliver positive impact for our planet and its people;
  • provide traceability on provenance, and assurance on integrity of the value chain;
  • unlock the potential of artisanal and small-scale mining to drive human and economic empowerment and sustainable economic development;
  • design responsible value chains by linking the actors from mine to market, and create enabling ecosystems providing access to finance;
  • support governments to implement miners' formalisation and related economic development strategies;
  • build on, bring to scale and diffuse learning and knowledge on best practises around responsible mining.

Our track record:

We have advanced issues on sustainable gold sourcing and support for artisanal small-scale mining communities:

  • through our involvement in a public private partnership with key stakeholders, the Swiss Better Gold Initiative, negotiating with the Swiss Government and refining companies, and collaborating with NGO's and major industry organisations;
  • building supply chains by connecting miners in Africa and Latin America to leading brands and refiners;
  • advising trade associations on standards development for precious metals and gemstones;
  • designing sourcing and impact programs for refiners, brands and financial institutions.

Through our pragmatic cost-effective and result-oriented field approach, our team members have been a key driver in the precious minerals field for more than a decade.

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