Adrian Blodi wears Bulgari to attend the film directed by Feng Xiaogang

The Luodiou Avenue Committee and fake rolex watches Hills City Hall announced that it will award the swiss replica watches legendary jeweler Bulgari Rodeo Drive Walk of Style® at Beverly Hills on December 5, 2012. Bulgari vice president and third-generation family member Nicola Bulgari will represent the Bulgari family to accept the swiss replica watches award. Bulgari will be the winner of the twentieth award. A copper nameplate with a signature of Nicola Bulgari and a famous name will be a symbol of Bvlgari, permanently embedded in the sidewalk of the world-famous street. The Rodeo Drive Walk of Style® was founded in 2003 to recognize the legendary brands that have made outstanding contributions to the world's fashion and entertainment sessions. "We are very pleased to be here at this time to celebrate the Bridgetown Rodeo Drive Walk of Style® Award," said William W. Brien, mayor of Beverly Hills. "From the twentieth century onwards, Bulgari frequently on the screen and red carpet On the stunning debut, and loved by celebrity stars, and fashion entertainment field forged a long and extraordinary indissoluble bound. In 1966, Elizabeth Taylor, with the film "Spiritual Spring Night" topped the Oscar winner, the ceremony she was wearing a Bvlgari jewelry. Since then, Bulgari frequent red carpet in the major debut, "Said Wanda McDaniel, chairman of the Rodeo Drive Walk of Style® Selection Committee." In the world of jewelery, Bulgari is a perfect blend of fashion and film, red carpet and Hollywood history. " "From the" casino situation "in the Sharon Stone to" cloud storm "in the Sophia Loren, and then from the" Queen of Prada "in the Meryl Streep to" Lady Veron " In the Madonna, Bulgari in the fashion entertainment industry has left an unforgettable mark, "Rodeo Drive Walk of Style ® Chairman Peri Ellen Berne commented. Bulgari brand has a rich and legendary history, its development in the entertainment industry dates back to 1946 the Italian film "Il Bandito" in the actress Anna • Melanie wear Bulgari jewelry. Since then, Bulgari has a total of more than 40 films in the actors with jewelry, and shine the major awards ceremony red carpet, such as the Oscar Award, Golden Globe, and the Cannes Film Festival and the Venice Film Festival International Film Festival. In the 1960s, Elizabeth Taylor in the "The VIP's" and "BOOM!" Film wearing classic Bvlgari jewelry, and Ingrid Bergman in Rome Kang Duo Tai Street for the film "old Women return home "in the role of selection of matching jewelry. In the last ten years, Bulgari has appeared in films such as "Mission Impossible II", "Love Love", "Iron Man" and Woody Allen's new film "Love in Rome". Bulgari offers jewelry accessories for Angelina Jolie, Anne Hathaway, Cameron Diaz and Charlize Theron, all over the world. Jessica Alba, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Chastain, Christine Dunster, Jennifer Ghana, Kate Ha Dickson, Scarlett Johansson, Nicole Kidman, Keira Knightley, Julian Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chelsea. Nicola Bulgari was the third generation of Sotirio, and Sotirio was a very talented silversmith who founded the Bulgari brand after settling from the motherland to Italy. In the 1960s, Nicola Bulgari's father, Giorgio, and his brother, Paolo, were involved in the business of the family business. As a keen-looking coin collector, Nicola Bulgari is one of the most important and successful aesthetics of the company in recent years, bringing together jewelery ideas while conducting coin investment. In the continuation of the company's solid tradition on the basis of the success of modern elements and existing achievements. Nicola Bulgari plays a key role in assembling jewelery, wearable, flexible changes and recognizable jewelry development, making jewelry a part of everyday life. His move for the twentieth century, the seventies and eighties jewelry industry has brought a revolution, Bulgari's assembly design to become the world's many jewelers to follow the example. Recently, Nicola put a lot of time to pick gorgeous colorful gems, launched the Bulgari's top jewelry series. Followed by Diana Freeland, Missoni, Iman, Fadicman, Monaco Princess Grace Kelly, Cartier, Valentino Galavaniden, Morrow Blagnac, James Gallano Jenny Versace and Donatella Versace, Ferragamo, Edith Hyde, James Acheson, Milano Cannono, Herbert Ritz, Mario Tristino and Tom • After Ford, Bvlgari also won the Rodeo Drive Walk of Style®. George Armani became the first winner of the award in 2003. The winners are elected by an independent committee consisting of media, celebrities, winners and academics in the fashion industry. "Torso" is a symbol of the Rodeo Drive Walk of Style®, created by the late sculptor Robert Graham, 14 feet high, at the intersection of Two Rodeo, Rodio Avenue and Dayton Street. Two Rodeo Drive Located in the heart of Beverly Hills' world-famous shopping district, there are 26 luxury shops and restaurants offering a wide range of options for consumers.